Understanding Back Pain And Its Treatment With CBD Oil

CBD for back painBack pain is a huge issue for us many. It can occur to any person at any given time. There are countless reasons for it and even more treatments, but they are hard from perfect. Surgery is the most common method to finally solve this problem. In addition, the real cause of back pain isn’t always known. Till now, people had to use painkillers and certain medications which were able to eliminate or at least reduce the pain level. Now, you can use CBD for back pain as well.

What is a back pain?

Normally, we have strong and thick intervertebral discs, which are located between vertebras in our spine. Their main task is to absorb vibrations and shocks while promoting movement of the spine. But, when they get damaged due to multiple reasons, they are unable to absorb those vibrations, meaning that vertebras will be affected by them, which can cause pain and other issues. Additionally, there are degenerative conditions which cause the same thing, but in a much more complicated form, meaning that more pain is present.

Normally, these discs cannot restore their natural condition, so people will experience pain for a long period of time. Those painkillers we have mentioned earlier are used simply to ease the pain, but not to eliminate it. CBD for back pain is one of newer alternatives which offers promising effects. In addition, back pain affects more than 100 million people in the United States only!

How CBD oil affects back pain

You may think that CBD for back pain works in the same way as painkillers, but there wouldn’t be any reason to use it then. According to a study conducted in 2015, where scientists used 19 rodents, CBD oil helps restore the natural condition of the intervertebral discs which we mentioned. It also has a positive effect on degenerative conditions which cause the damage.

Scientists used MRI to scan the spines of the rodents. There were two findings. The first one, when CBD oil was used in small amounts, was unsuccessful. But, when they increased the dosage, rodents were recorded with impressive improvements associated with the spine. In essence, CBD oil helped the animals recover from back pain.

Rodents were used due to the cat their organism is similar to the human body, so in most cases, treatments that work for them will work on people as well.

The bottom line of the study was that CBD oil can help people who suffer from chronic back pain. There are no side effects of the treatment and it is a much more effective than any medication used today.

The final word

Using CBD for back pain is more than just recommended. First of all, you will get the benefits medications cannot provide. Then, you will get rid of the pain which would normally be present all the time. The last but not least, there are no side effects of the treatment. You can use it as long as you want, and you will even experience other benefits, which are known for CBD oil.